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Why Pay Retail?

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Whether you’re looking to buy & sell diamonds or you want to buy & sell coins, Cornerstone Jewelry & Coin is your go-to stop in Murrieta, CA. We will evaluate the items you bring to us to determine their quality and then give you the best possible price for your jewelry, coins and other items of value. We understand you have many choices in jewelry & pawn shops, which is why we work hard to give you the highest amount for your trades and then sell them at a fair price, keeping that delicate balance.

A Variety of Metals

We buy & sell platinum and we buy & sell silver, as well as the gold most similar Murrieta, CA, shops do. However, the primary difference is we pay premium prices. Many companies will buy as low as they can and sell much higher, giving themselves a majority of the profits. We even buy & sell bullion, giving you the chance to get rid of any kind of precious metal you may have lying around your home.  We take pride in offering the highest prices so you can feel more confident in selling your gold, platinum and silver.

We Buy & Sell Coins

We aren’t just your typical jewelry & pawn shop in Murrieta, CA. We also buy & sell US coins, as well as buy foreign coins & paper. We understand sometimes money is more valuable when you sell it than when you can use it. We will go over your collection of coins and determine a fair value so you can get the most from selling them, all while we can still sell them at a reasonable price.

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